Essentially, it is not Innovation which changes the world,
it is Innovators. People like you.

Join our part-time programme for one academic year and avail of the opportunity to graduate

with a Masters in AgInnovation – TechInnovation.

Students can apply and be accepted based on their life experiences and/or
previous work history and/or training and/or qualifications.

AgInnovation offers
adult learners:

The opportunity to gain a Master’s degree in one year which is paid for by Springboard [co-funded by the government of Ireland and the EU].  
The opportunity to acquire an innovation mindset;  
The skills needed to develop their new product or business idea and test it against the needs of customers;  
The opportunity to study with a diverse and talented community of students who come from all over Ireland and all walks of life;  

The course is part-time,
with a blend of on-line classes
and occasional Saturday
sessions in Galway.

Professor W. Bernard Carlson


If you have any questions about the program,
feel free to contact me:

Innovation: “It Takes a Village”

Contrary to the familiar image of the solitary inventor, Prof W. Bernard Carlson makes it clear that innovators never work alone. Drawing on pivotal examples in engineering and design, from the Buick automobile to the glass-ceramic wedding gift, Carlson presents innovation as a collective undertaking—a shaping of the path through which a product finds meaning.

Please note that students can apply and be accepted based on previous work/life experience.